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With change on the horizon, how have you been thinking about how to support your leaders? 

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How Generative AI Is Impacting The Talent Function

Episode 10 - June Edition

Episode 02 - June Edition

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David Landman

Global Head of Talent Development


Episode 01 - May Edition

Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

Episode 05 - November Edition

Episode 03 - August Edition

Episode 04 - September Edition

Today's discussion is the first of likely many where we will explore this topic in more detail, asking talent leaders to share their frameworks, explorations and ideas for how they might leverage Generative AI in their functions.

Episode 06 - December Edition

Episode 07 - February Edition

Episode 08 - Mar Edition

Mihnea Moldoveanu

Professor, Technologist & LLM Experts

Episode 09 - May Edition