Help Your Teams Thrive in 2022

The world is experiencing a once in a generation shift in how we work and teams are at the center

This report shares the latest data on how employee performance has radically changed in 2022 and what teams need to thrive.

Learn how to:

  1. Leverage teams to increase performance

  2. Help hybrid teams adapt and thrive 

  3. Support managers to balance compassion and results

  4. Master effective retention strategies

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60% of talent leaders say hybrid will remain. Managers need help, with 40% saying hybrid is their #1 concern for 2022.

At Valence, we believe teaming is a verb. We help leaders at the world's most influential companies build strong and happy teams through scalable executive coaching solutions.



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2022 State of Teams Report

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Team investment is urgently needed. 

Only 10% of global talent leaders believe their teams are achieving their potential.

Great teams retain talent.

37% of employees’ #1 reason to stay in their job is because they “work with a great team.”

Hybrid is here to stay. Teams need to evolve.

"Teams are a secret motivator. Yet, teams, as a unit of belonging, have been vastly reduced when working from home. We default to productivity exchanges when remote, giving up the membership and cohesion benefits that can be so powerful on teams."

Dr. Heidi Brooks

Organizational Behavior,
Yale School of Management

"All important work gets done in teams. 
The organizational chart has faded into the background while dynamic teaming grows more prevalent."

Bill Pelster

Josh Bersin Academy

Why teams matter

Help your teams thrive in 2022

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Better understand employee engagement metrics and get personalized guidance.

Strengthen connection and collaboration across hybrid teams.

Scale your coaching to help leaders and teams reach their potential.

Help teams stay connected through culture and digital transformations.