AstraZeneca's Advancements with AI and Data Driven Intelligence

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In an engaging interview, Marc, the Global Head of Leadership at AstraZeneca, shared insights from his varied roles within the company, highlighting his journey from operational roles to leadership development. His experiences underline the complexities of managing a global workforce in a rapidly changing environment, particularly emphasizing the demanding role of line managers. Marc described these managers as "decathletes" who must juggle team performance, compliance, and engagement while fostering a culture of psychological safety and motivation across diverse teams. 

The conversation also delved into the use-cases of digital tools and AI in leadership training at AstraZeneca. Marc detailed the possibilities of a digital coaching tool that offers real-time, contextual guidance to managers, enhancing their decision-making and leadership skills in the workflow. Looking forward, he predicted a future where learning tools are even more personalized and interconnected, helping leaders navigate the complexities of modern business environments with agility and informed decision-making. These insights are particularly valuable for senior HR leaders exploring the integration of technology in leadership development strategies.

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Webinar Recording


Marc Howells

VP Global Talent & Organizational Development 

Parker Mitchell


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